[The duck-rabbit illusion can be used as a very suitable example to show how sometimes, we can have a certain opinion about things or people one minute and then have that perception completely altered the next. I wrote this for the person who, in my eyes, turned from a duck to a rabbit. Took me completely by surprise too.]


Would it were that I was given a day

To peel off all the layers

You, like a stubborn onion,

show nothing of your inner works,duck-rabbit_illusion2.jpg

make me a green-eyed monster.

Because your world is much like mine

And you keep it out of reach.

Once I saw a little duck

Now this creature became a rabbit.

Where like-minded clones co-exist

Behold, a dark star

If, for a day, I could read you

Would your poetry be apt for me?

I realize I will never be warm

Till I’m lying in your arms.