I’ve been thinking a lot about this whole end of the world scenario..everyone knows its a load of bunkum, but i’m sure even the most skeptical people have that tiny doubt in their minds, that question that they don’t want to hear- ‘what if it were true?’

i think of death way more than i should..not just my own, but other people’s too. Its just..such a strange thought- to think that everything that exists will come to an end one day, i mean where does it all go and why? and where am i going? seriously, seriously think about it. One day, you’re gonna die. you’re not gonna be in this world anymore, you will just cease to exist.

Sometimes the thought scares me a great deal; i’ll admit i’ve had near panic attacks. But what helps me when this happens is thinking about the fact that everyone has the same fate. I guess the thing that i was really afraid of was being completely and totally alone, and for me, that is what death implied.

I hope wherever i do go after i die, all the people i love end up there. And a beach would be nice as well.