Round mid-December, me and my sisters were out shopping when we bumped into a woman we knew (one of my dad’s friends). We exchanged pleasantries and she asked us what we were up to and we said we were doing some Christmas shopping. To be honest, that was like the third leg of our marathon shopping sprees; as you know, around Christmas-time, everyone has to have new things.
Anyway, we then asked her the same question and she said “Oh, i was just looking for some homeless people; my husband and I got these blankets to give them because it gets quite cold around winter-time.”
You can imagine how we all felt then. There we were, spending way too much money on things we didn’t even need, passing by the beggars and homeless people without so much as a second glance..I realized in that moment how selfish we’d all become. I mean, its so easy to feel bad for poor people, to sympathize with them and to pray for them. But to actually make the effort to go out and distribute blankets because you want them to stay warm in the winter, now that’s something else.
I really admire that woman and her husband, and anyone who makes an effort to help someone in need. Because the thing is, in this increasingly materialistic and hedonistic world that we live in, it’s really easy to be selfish without even realizing it.