Back when I was a teenager, all I wanted was to be a famous singer. I was 15 when I discovered that I knew how to write songs, and then 3 years later, I learnt how to play the guitar. The dream was big, and I also had a best friend who shared that same dream and we would talk for hours on end about what kind of musicians we would be, which one among our songs we would release first, etc.

And then somewhere along the line, the dream just ended. I wish I could say it was because it turned into reality but it didn’t. There were just too many people that were better than me.

The thing is, every time I think I might be special cos I’m good at something, I’m proven wrong. I always thought I was a pretty good song-writer. Then I saw that a lot of people write songs and good ones too. Everyone can sing, that’s a fact; most people I know sing quite well. I’m an average singer at best. I’ve noticed more and more girls play the guitar, and I’m starting to suck at it. I write poems; again, a lot of people do that. More recently, I discovered a knack for story-writing. And yes, I did find that there are already loads of people I know who do this too.

The point of this post is to say that I’m not giving up anymore. Even though every single person I know is more skilled and more brilliant than me, I can live with that. While I don’t have the same dreams that I did when I was younger, I do still have goals, and achievable ones at that. So I will continue with a little more confidence.