• angry-old-lady
    • I’m a bit of a hypochondriac with old-people health issues. Like for instance, I can’t hear very well and my teeth hurt when I chew too hard and they also hurt when I eat sweet stuff. So if I eat a biscuit, I have to take the cream out or else my teeth start hurting. I can only look at Oreos with longing cos if I put that piece of heaven in my mouth, it will be excruciating.
    • There’s a huge list of things I can’t eat, other than sweets. Eggs hurt my stomach and just even the smell of pork makes me pukey. I know, I know, I’m a weirdo that deserves to be pointed and laughed at for not liking pork/ham/bacon. I’ve been vilified so many times because of this trait of mine. I’m a non-vegetarian but I only eat chicken. And I love chicken, but I’m very choosy on which parts I want; I only eat like the meat meat.
    • Young people annoy me. Oh, they annoy the living hell out of me. And this is mostly because of what I see on Facebook and Twitter. So many questions come to my mind like, ‘why do you think we need to know how in love you are with your bf/gf?’, ‘why do you think you’re being original when you’re wearing hipster glasses?’, ‘why do you want to look like a duck?’ and so on.
    • I like tea very much. This is self-explanatory.
    • Early to bed and early to rise. I go to bed at 9 and wake up at 4:45 these days. In my defence, everyone wakes up pretty early in Aizawl, Mizoram seeing as the run rises at like 4:30 or so. But the part about going to bed early, that’s something everyone makes fun of me for.
    • I get obsessive and nitpicky about things. You should see how I get ready for bed. The room has to be as dark as possible, the door has to be closed (if someone comes in and leaves without closing the door behind them, I call out their name at the top of my lungs just so they can come back to close the door), and there has to be pin-drop silence. I can’t fall asleep if someone in the next room is talking; even if it’s a very low sound, I’ll hear it, and I will let it bug me.
    • I get nostalgic about the ‘old days’. Ah, the 90’s. Back when the term ‘social networking site’ meant nothing, and there was only one phone in the house that everyone used. Back when there was no such thing as hipsters, and the Spice Girls freakin’ ruled the world. Those were the days.