I feel like I should make one last blog entry for the year even though I dont have anything to write about as such. Every year, I write something of a summary in my diary for the year’s events on the last day of December and even though it always feels like there’ll be nothing significant to write about, there’s always at least one or two or three things that I look back on and think ‘well, I’m glad that happened’. But when you think about it, 365 days is a lot of time. And if you have only one or two or three significant things worth writing about in all of those three hundred and sixty five days, that is not a whole lot.
I wish the concept of freedom wasn’t an illusion, you know, because lets face it, it is. Every single person is bound to something or the other, and we all have responsibilities whether we like it or not. Even the people I look at with a great degree of envy, those that live on their own, with no-one to look after, who live life on their own terms; even they are bound by the struggle to survive in this cut-throat world and the rules of society. And who makes those rules? We do. Well, others before us did. Freedom doesn’t exist in this world, we just like to think that it does, and we just learn to live with or ignore the chains that still bind us.

What really frustrates me is the fact that so many people are denied what they are entitled to because of the greed of those in power. What is it about us human beings that we can never be satisfied? That we always have to take as much as we can get. And it’s not even the most obvious people you see on tv that are corrupt to the core, there are many many people you or I may know personally who have taken more than what they have worked for. I wish I could tell these assholes that they are denying so many people the opportunity to break free of some of their chains.
Ok, I’m done with my rant, and for now, I just want to say something to you, whoever is reading this- don’t go chasing after the material things in life. These things will NEVER make you really happy, I can guarantee you that. I’m not saying you shouldn’t work hard and earn money and buy yourself and the ones you love the things you’ve always wanted. I mean just don’t let money be the thing that makes you happy. Try your best to have enough, and be content with that. Also, if you’ve screwed up in the past, it’s ok. There’s a whole new set of 365 days waiting for you. Have a good year ahead.