Well, it is once again the last day of another year, and hence time for me to write at least one more blog post or else I will have pretty much nothing to show for this year, blog post wise, and might disappoint my millions and millions of readers all over the world.

I wonder, is anything really random? Do things happen because they are supposed to, and because they form a piece of that massive jigsaw puzzle that is your life, or is everything arbitrary? And which answer is it that we hope for? I don’t know about you, but I often find myself analyzing and dissecting the many events and occurrences of each day, and thinking whether that one thing happened because weeks, or months or years later, it will have an impact on this or that. For example, I was having breakfast with my friends months earlier, and one of them mentioned that I ought to be one of those dread-locked, tattooed, free-spirited anarchist individuals that make music and write about peace (ok they did not say All of those things, in fact I think they actually said ‘dread-locked hippie listening to reggae music’). My point is, when they said that, I was all like “YES! That thing was said to me for a REASON, and it is to tell me that my actual path is one where I get more tattoos and write more stuff!!”

I mean that’s one example (not a very good one at that, I admit). It’s just one stray mention here and a passing comment there, and my mind can go into overdrive about all the things that one word or phrase or sentence could imply, and how it could affect my life entirely. I know, it’s not the smartest thing in the world to do, but I’m not a smart person. I’m an idealist, a romantic, a dreamer.

My reality is very very different from the world I’ve created in my head. The person I am known as and the person who I am are from two different universes. I suppose there are lots of us like that. We find ourselves doing things because it’s necessary, and just playing that part because it is the role that you were asked to play. It’s ok though, that’s just how life is. But it’s always nice, isn’t it, to have hope? To have all these big-ass dreams, and to think up all these wonderful scenarios, and to be secretly weird, and to have completely useless talents, and to have your head in the clouds, and to be able to smile thinking of that one tiny sliver of possibility..

I hope that you will have loads of things to smile about this year. To all the gazillions of people reading this (seriously, I’m like the J.K Rowling of blogs), dream big, and never lose hope.